Contemporary Small Press

Dostoyevsky Wannabe

North West

Dostoyevsky Wannabe are an indie press based in Manchester, UK. In their first five years, they have published over 50 volumes of poetry and prose across their Originals, Samplers, Cities, Experimental and X imprints. Their books have been shortlisted for two prizes to date (the Republic of Consciousness Prize 2018 and the Goldsmiths Prize 2019 - both books authored by Isabel Waidner).

Thinking of themselves less as a publisher and more akin to a penniless 1980-90s independent record label, Dostoyevsky Wannabe design and typeset all of their books and produce high-quality designs via a low-overhead print on demand model. In many ways, their project started as an ad-hoc design project aiming to experiment with producing as many books and linking to as many like-minded authors as they could and whilst their future plan is to reduce the volume of books that they produce, they are looking to further experiment with different publishing models and to expand the design side of Dostoyevsky Wannabe.